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Independent Debt Management

We are delighted to provide our valued existing and new Clients with a bespoke tailor made service to assist them with any Debt Advisory requirements that they may have or fear they may have in the future.

In association with our strategic alliance partners we have agreed a package of tailored solutions through our partnership with GDP Equity Experts, to provide our clients with a full range of Debt Advisory Services.

This is a particularly sensitive subject for many of our clients and with so many Companies offering various and conflicting levels of advice, we strongly believe that an Independent, Holistic & Confidential approach needs to be taken in order to obtain the best possible outcome and one that will be acceptable to the Companies from whom borrowings have been obtained.

Whether you are an individual, a family or a company who is worried with Debt or Negative Equity , at Independent Debt Management, we will be able to assist you in dealing with this challenge, allowing you, your family and your business to move forward.

At Independent Debt Management, we can help you by negotiating on your behalf when you are “drowning” in Credit Card debt or struggling to keep up repayments on your Mortgage or other Loans..

With many people living day to day, it only takes one accident or mishap for financial matters to spiral out of control.

We understand that Credit Cards are the first thing most people don’t pay when they have a financial hardship.

When you are in a situation where your expenses are greater than your income, you have two choices:

A) Increase your Income, or

B) Reduce your Debt.

Alternatively you could consider one of the following alternatives:

1. Continue Doing What You Are Doing.

If your monthly payments are not affordable, you will probably continue to remain in an unacceptable situation. With late payment and over limit fees being added, there is little hope of being able to survive trying to make those payments.

2. Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiation.

At Independent Debt Management we act on your behalf, whether you are an Individual or a Business, negotiating with your creditors to pay a portion of what is owed, with the remaining balance “forgiven” by the creditor.


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